"Flowers for Hope" - Spring Cycle
Coinciding with the day the Wall of Hope was built on the Museum's north façade — and as part of the "Spring Cycle" program — MASF proposed the holding of a floral composition workshop in the belvedere tower.
The workshop was promoted by floral designer Joana Freitas, founder of Aura.Madeira, a project rooted in her family memories and in the collective memory associated with the cult of flowers on Madeira Island.
During the morning, it was possible to think about flower arrangement as a creative, anthropological, artistic, cultural and cultural activity, in an approach that focused on the deep and rooted relationship in the regional island context.

The Aura.Madeira project (instagram @aura.madeira ) is, according to the founder, entirely dedicated to M. Filomena Caldeira P., mother of the whole family. Joana was born from a lineage of women who love nature, plants and their flowers and fruits. After living for several years in the hectic center of London, Joana returned to the Island with the strength and will to give life to the now abandoned land in the north of the Island. The focus of her project is to draw attention to the natural beauty of Madeira's plants, whether cultivated or spontaneous, exotic or endemic, calling, above all, for their preservation. Aura has created partnerships with local people (most over 65 years old), encouraging them to maintain their traditional Madeiran gardens.
The flowers used in the Aura.Madeira project are grown in a sustainable way, without the use of chemicals, respecting the natural growth of the plants. Aura is present in Hotels such as The Three House and in special moments, such as weddings.