May 18,2022
On International Museum Day 2022, MASF also commemorated the International Fascination for Plants day, an ephemeris celebrated simultaneously.
The highlighted plant was the endemism of Madeira and the Canarias Juniperus cedrus, used for many centuries on the island for construction (examples being the ceilings of the Funchal Cathedral and the Customs House) and furniture.

The students could see the connections between the cultural heritage of the Church and the natural heritage, namely Laurissilva. The exhibition/didactic content included various materials: photographs of the restoration of the ceiling of the Cathedral; fragments of the Mudejar ceiling of the Cathedral, recently integrated in the reserves of the MASF; samples of cedro-da-Madeira, offered by the Field of Environmental Education Eva and Américo Durão (CEAEAD); an article describing the species and its forms (Vieira, Rui, 1997), and replicas of the reliefs of the choir chairs of the Cathedral, deposited at the Museum (By the family of João Adriano Ribeiro).

MASF thanks geographer Raimundo Quintal (CEAEAD), biologist Juan Silva (MHNF) and architect Filipa Abrantes (DRC) for their contributions in structuring the educational content/resources of these activities.