Saint Nicholas
Central Russia
19th century
Egg tempera on wood panel, oklad in silver

Saint Nicholas of Myra (Asia Minor), where he was a bishop, also known as Saint Nicholas “of Bari” (Italy), where his relics lie, or “of Patara” (Turkey), where he was born, is one of the most revered saints in the Orthodox tradition, the patron of Russia, and the protector of children, the peasantry, travellers and students.
According to legend, and despite being a controversial figure as regards the powers that be, the saint’s attitudes towards heresy, his pastoral action, and his deeds of mercy and compassion towards children and the poor earned him fame and respect, among Eastern Orthodox believers and Western Catholics alike.

Egg tempera on wood panel, oklad in silver
Dimensions: Width: 25,5 cm Height: 28 cm Depth: 4,3 cm