Icons in Portugal - Legacy of the Bishop Emeritus of Funchal D. Teodoro de Faria
Feb 23 — 5:30 pm
The Museum of Sacred Art in Funchal hosts a conference with Irina Curto, following the inauguration of the new Icons exhibition.

Icons of the Slavic Orthodox Christian tradition are, in themselves, testimonies of Culture, Faith and Art, but they also reveal a historical dynamic experienced over centuries. They are, in themselves, documents of history, having a capacity to communicate through art, both in its immanent and spiritual domains.

The material knowledge of icons, today studied transversally through the History of Art and a set of other disciplines and sciences, cannot neglect the cultural, theological, doctrinal, historical and sociological breadth of them, given that, often, they play a role central to the experience of communities.

Cost : €5
Includes guided tour of the new Icon exhibit in the museum tower

Note: both the conference and the guided tour will be hosted in portuguese.

Sign up via: 291 228 900 or info@masf.pt

Find out more about the exhibit: Icons — Tradition and diversity in the legacy of D. Teodoro de Faria""
— Irina Marcelo Curto
Irina Marcelo Curto is a painter and icon restorer, with a restoration course in 2009-2010 at the Historical Museum of Moscow.

She held exhibitions in Moscow (2008), in Vicenza (at the Vicenza International Fair, 2009), in Lisbon (at the Convento dos Cardaes, 2010) and in Vienna (at the Cathedral of S. Nicolau, 2012). She is a member of the International Art Foundation & Moscow Art Society.

Thanks to her long stay in Russia, as well as in Iran, India, Mexico, Austria and Portugal, she has good knowledge of their respective cultures and their versatility, seeking to convey this strong spiritual legacy in her drawings. In some of her works, she combines high relief in silver leaf and pewter, using her drawings.

More recently, in Portugal, she was scientific consultant for the exhibition “O Triunfo da Ortodoxia”, at the Centro Cultural de Cascais, in 2015, and was responsible, in 2015-2016, for the research and cataloging and, in 2016, restoration of the Legado Vieira da Fonseca, at the Condes de Castro Guimarães Museum, in Cascais. On September 21, 2016, she gave a conference at that Museum about this Legacy.

She provided scientific research assistance in the preparation of the exhibition at the Museum of Sacred Art in Funchal of the collection of Russian icons of Bishop Emeritus D. Teodoro de Faria, opened on October 18, 2018, National Day of the Church's Cultural Assets. She was responsible for preparing and organizing the exhibition: “Under the mantle of Our Lady. Collections of Russian art in Portugal”, opened on September 21, 2019 at the São Roque Museum in Lisbon and on November 30, 2019, at the Grão Vasco National Museum in Viseu. Curator – Professor Vítor Serrão and Irina Marcelo Curto.