Virtual exhibition - I HAVE A MUSEUM PIECE! Narratives of domestic religiosity
May 12, 2021 to June 7, 2021
Between May 12 and June 7, 2021, a public call for a virtual exhibition commemorating International Museum Day was held on the Museum's Facebook and Instagram pages.

"The religious-themed images that exist in our homes and with which we establish a devotional relationship, cannot always be considered exceptional images from an artistic point of view. Its greatest value lies, in most cases, in the symbolic character and in the ability they have to document the experiences of religiosity and individual faith in the domestic space."

Seeking to meet the theme proposed by ICOM for the celebration of the International Museum Day 2020, based on the problematization of museums as spaces of equality, inclusion and diversity, through this initiative, the MASF wanted to open a dialogue between its collections and the vast number of images found in the houses of Madeirans and Porto Santo inhabitants, disseminating the diversity of invocations, bonds and narratives of faith in a particularly difficult time such as the one we went through during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Participants submitted a photograph of their "museum piece" and a caption. These images were then published during this period. The result was a virtual exhibition composed of all participations. There was a remarkable participation and interest on the part of the public.

Virtual exhibition