MY HORIZON by Rodrigo Costa
September 27 to December 31, 2018
In June, the Sacred Art Museum of Funchal hosted the artistic residency of the young Madeiran Rodrigo Costa. The project was part of the programme "Summer Internships", promoted by the Regional Directorate of Youth and Sport (DRJD), which was aimed at giving the opportunity for a paid internship (one month) in a post related to the work area/university course of candidates.
Studying at the time for a degree in Fine Arts, the intern Rodrigo sought out the Museum, which was a receiving entity of the DRJD project, believing that museum spaces or art galleries would be the most suitable for developing an artistic work that could enrich his curriculum and, in some way, foresee something of his possible career in the complex world of Art.
The challenge presented to the artist by the educational service was to prepare a body of work and final pieces that, contrasting one or more works of the MASF with the contemporary experience of Rodrigo, would, above all, reflect on something intimately connected to the condition of insularity (and with him especially as a student abroad): the phenomena of going and coming, leaving and arriving, and how/why they are carried out. He was also to consider the idea of sea and maritime elements, and the characteristics and functions of the space that would host his residency — the Belvedere Tower. The work produced by the artist was put on display in that space.