September 27, 2016
The MASF associated itself with the celebration of the World Tourism Day by presenting visitors with a programme of its own on this date: the opportunity to access the Belvedere Tower, which—until September 2017—was not included in the usual itinerary of the visit to the museum. Aware that Tourism is of vital importance to the region's economy, with recent indicators of rapid growth, the museum seeks to strengthen and diversify its offer in promoting island culture, offering visitors new ways to engage with the place and the city. The Experience of the Belvedere Tower was, therefore, the starting theme to mark this day, in which the theme defined for this year by the respective World Organization was the "Tourism for all – promoting universal accessibility".

Based on an articulated experience of dialogue with history, between the mobile heritage of the collection and the classified monument where the museum is installed, visitors could access the Belvedere Tower, establishing, through various visual stimuli, the ever-present relationship with the idea of travel, navigation and cultural transfers that permeate the history, memory and symbology of Christian art in the collection, which runs from the end of the 14th century to the mid-19th century. An exhibition was organised for this purpose, where a list of the museum's collection of incense boats was presented, with some photographic records selected from the archive. From this relationship emerged the creative involvement of various audiences, in the interpretation of the history and aesthetic recreation of this set of testimonies, coming from the rich collection of sacred goldsmithing existing throughout the Diocese of Funchal.