Remains. Graça Pereira Coutinho
2006 - 2007
This exhibition is part of the project that the Museum of Sacred Art has been developing, opening its collection to dialogue with contemporary Portuguese Artists. We recall here the exhibitions with Rui Sanches, Ilda David, Adriana Molder and now Graça Pereira Coutinho. The artist developed work inspired by a mannequin sculpture representing Christ, from a Portuguese workshop of the mid-seventeenth century.
The exhibition is the result of the joint work of the Museum of Sacred Art and the Directorate of Museum Services, Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs. In reference to this exhibition, Francis Clode said the following:

The title ‘‘Remains’ translates a willingness to question what is ethereal and what is eternal. What's left, the traces of a path, a passage.
The exhibition includes a careful distribution of light, which focuses, in the first place, on a large table, a sculpture of Christ, which opens its arms in a giving gesture, in confrontation with a pile of ashes, imposing the question of the beginning and end of the world, in the biblical passage of Genesis.
In a second moment, sticks are hung on a wall, in an unstable horizontal equilibrium, on which hang the remains of textiles and straws, in a kind of stratigraphy of life, of the remains or the collection of memories, from other times...
In a third setting, some drawings in mixed technique, of great colour density, reveal the artist's research on the topic of our place, on the issue of identity, on the sense of perceiving what place we belong to. It is included in the subject of House Hunting, which the artist has addressed for some years. The search for home, in the sense of realizing where each of us should be or wants to return to.