Future of the Past
2003 - 2004
Joint organization of the Museum with the Directorate of Museum Services of the DRAC, bringing together works of art belonging to the Museum and Diocese of Funchal that were in the process of being restored or had been recently restored.
For the first time, sculptures of mannequins, from the mid-17th and 18th centuries from the museum's collection, as well as a set of paintings and sculptures, which featured the painting Apparition of Christ to St. Peter, attributed to Fernão Gomes, from the end of the 16th century, and a late-17th-century sculpture of the Lord of Cana Verde from a Portuguese workshop, recently entered into the collections of the Museum.
The exhibition had a didactic function of raising awareness of the importance of preventive conservation and the conservation and restoration of works of art.
The collaboration of the restoration studio ISOPO, based in Funchal, was also requested for this exhibition.
The introductory text by Francisco Clode de Sousa explained, "Thus this exhibition aims to raise awareness of the need for a preventive conservation policy in Museums, but also necessarily an active intervention in the field of conservation and restoration. A contemporary ethic, in the area of conservation and restoration, led to a less abrasive understanding of time, that is: what must be transmitted to the future is not what we imagine the past was, but objectively what has come down to us as a witness.
Stopping the dilution of time seems today to be the genuine common sense in conservation and restoration, applying reversible technologies, waiting for perennial solutions."