Madeira on the Route to the Orient
1999 - 2000
A temporary exhibition was organized, commissioned by Francisco Clode Sousa, with works of art belonging to the Diocese, the Museum and private collections of Madeira Island, on the theme of the art of the cultural encounter between Portugal and the East, India, Ceylon, China, Japan and the Middle East.
A research catalogue was produced under the sponsorship of the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs, which brought together individual research records of the pieces on display. The catalogue also included a text of historical background by João José Abreu de Sousa, under the title: Madeira. Referências Orientais.
2002-2003 – Alguns Santos Mártires Revisitados - Rui Sanches (Some Holy Martyrs Revisited - Rui Sanches)

Joint organization of the Museum with the Directorate of Museum Services of the DRAC, proposing a presentation of confrontation between the collections of Flemish art and a series of sculptures and drawings, inspired by themes of sacred art, such as Saint Agatha, Santa Luzia, St. John the Baptist, Saint Antonino, St. Sebastian, by the contemporary Portuguese artist Rui Sanches. The pieces on display belonged to private and Portuguese institutional collections.