Dr. Frederico de Freitas Tile Exhibition
1984 - 1985
Exhibition commissioned by Paulo de Freitas, Director of the Frederico de Freitas House-Museum, and Luiza Clode, based on the collection of foreign tiles from the collection of Dr. Frederico de Freitas. Collaborating in this exhibition were a conservation, restoration and assembly support team, as well as Élia Pimenta, Teresa Cupertino Câmara and Francisco Clode Sousa, under the guidance of Rafael Calado and Ana Porto.
The exhibition brought together the collection of foreign tiles, divided into thematic groupings: Eastern-Near Eastern, North African and the Far East ceramics, gothic Proto Azulejo paving tiles, Spanish Tile, Italian and Flemish Majólica, Dutch Tile.
A guide brochure for the exhibition was published by the Regional Secretariat of Tourism and Culture.