SATURDAYS - OCT. 1ST, 15TH - 11:00 - 11:45 AM
Regarding the temporary exhibition “HARMONIUM - Drawing, Painting and Music in relation. Eduardo de Freitas”, the MASF Educational Service proposes, to all interested parties, a program of concert visits between the months of June and October. The guided tour will take the visitors around the permanent collection and the temporary exhibition, and will culminate with a musical moment promoted by the organist Nelson Quintal. The aim of this program is to provide visitors, especially residents, with the dissemination and knowledge of sacred art in relation to iconography and the furniture associated with the music universe.

Value: 8€
Up to 12 people per visit

Time: 11:00 am – 11:45 am (16 minutes of concert)

Saturdays: October 1st & 15th
— Eduardo de Freitas
Eduardo de Freitas
Eduardo de Freitas was born in Funchal, Madeira Island, in 1955. In his artistic activity, drawing and painting stand out. The artist is associated with the foundation and promotion of several cultural and artistic projects in Madeira. He has exhibited regularly since the late 70s, holding exhibitions in partnership with Isabel Santa Clara, Filipa Venâncio, Jacinto Rodrigues, João Dionísio, Carlos Valente, among other personalities.

João Pinharanda mentioned, in 1993, on the occasion of the 1st individual exhibition by the artist A Água, o Corpo, a Casa [Water, Body, Home], that Eduardo de Freitas’s painting has been marked by expressionist references, of figurative achievement of great academic perfection, by surreal situations and by deconstructive and abstracting ruptures.

In 1999, regarding another solo exhibition, Os Sonhos de Demiurgo [The Demiurge Dreams], Carlos Valente said that Eduardo de Freitas “recreates the latent force of matter, the energy that shapes the world, through spatial and temporal rhythms of natural cycles and rhythms” using “plastic strategies that translate growth, reproduction, transfiguration, osmosis, and other archetypal processes”. Still in his words, Valente says that the artist reconciles “the mystical and the rational being in one”, orchestrating, in a unique way, a “fusion of the objective and subjective dimensions of reality, in an abstract / concrete game”.